Aerators are tools that are used to make holes in the lawn surface so as to aerate the soil underneath. This is in an attempt to encourage new root growth helping the lawn to grow healthily. Regular aeration is important because the soil compacts as time goes, closing air spaces. For proper aeration ,you need the best lawn aerator that will be give you the maximum benefit in ensuring that your lawns remain healthy.

Factors to consider before choosing the best lawn aerator

Size and condition of the lawn

The condition of the lawn determines how much the lawn is required. If the condition of the lawn is bad, a lawn aerator is seriously needed. Lawns with general healthy conditions do not need urgent aeration and can be aerated by use of smaller tools. Smaller lawns are candidates for simple aeration methods while large lawns require more powerful tools because of the work involved in aerating them.

Type of turf and soil

The type of soil affects how often it compacts and also how often the lawn will be aerated. Clay soils are heavy and prone to tight compacting with poor drainage. On the other hand, sandy soils are less prone to compaction and have larger particles. The type of grass is also known to affect how often a lawn will need aeration. Some grass types stick together easily; this can have a big influence to water transport.

Physical ability

Some aerators such as the spiked ones do not need physical ability other than walking around .Hand held tools such as the folks require certain amount of stamina and strength to use effectively .Others such as powered aerators and rotary are easier to operate.The best aerator will not need much of your physical ability as they are easy to use.

Amount of traffic

The amount of traffic received in a lawn can affect the best of type of aerator that can be used on it. Lawn receiving moderate traffic will not require moderate aeration compared to the ones with heavy traffic. When acquiring a aerator consider the amount of traffic that your lawn receives.


Types of lawn aerators

folks and hand held spikes aerators

Hand held have spikes that make holes in the lawn. They come in many designs but mostly resemble a folk and they have a flat bar for placing the foot before pushing it firmly into the ground. They create holes by pushing soil down and away so as to create a hole. They are suitable for healthy lawns and looser soils.


Hand held hollowed time aerators

They have the same design as the hand held spiked aerators and are also operated in a similar manner. The difference is the type of holes they create. They remove soil in cores, ensuring that no soil is compacted therefore larger spaces are left for water and air circulation. They are suitable for small lawns, small spots and areas difficult to reach.


Rotary spike lawn aerators

These aerators have spikes on the wheel that dig into the lawn as it is turned. They are easier to use as some have springs and others are electronic. They are the best to use in slopes and do not perform very well on hard soils.

Plug aerators

These are larger, more powerful and easier to use petrol powered aerators. These heavyweight and self propelled aerators have many tines core the lawn and remove plugs. Large lawns with tough conditions are they best area of operations.

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The lawn is a very important part of any home as mostly it’s where the kids play, the place where you entertain your guests for barbeque those Sunday afternoons, and it’s the place where you can relax with some lemonade when the day gets too hot. That is why everybody is looking for the best lawn sweeper.

Most people tend to assume that having a mower is enough, well, you couldn’t be more wrong. A sweeper is as effective if not more effective as a mower. What is the difference, you ask? A lawn sweeper picks up the debris remaining after mowing including the grass clippings leaving your lawn safer to walk on and looking more manicured.

What to look for in a best powered lawn sweeper tow behind for leaves in 2015

Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper, 44-Inch

• Durability- it is very important to purchase from a brand that is known for its ability to last. You do not want to buy a sweeper very expensively then have to incur extra maintenance costs.

• Capacity- this of course entails the amount of debris the sweeper can hold in its hopper or trail behind tractor depending on its design. The more the space, the better.

• Effectiveness- lawn sweepers vary in the quality of the results they produce. You want a sweeper that picks up even the tiniest nuts and rubble. Also, it should not be too manual that you feel like you are operating a rake, rather should be offering you the convenience of having to do less work. In this case, the wider it is, the better.

• Cost- this is another aspect every consumer is concerned about. Lawn sweepers vary in price depending on their brand, size, and what not. However a good lawn sweeper should cost anywhere from $290-$400. Most sweepers come with a warranty so if you are going to purchase one, more warranty equals less risk.

Examples of some great lawn sweepers

Agri-fab lawn sweeper- this model comes in a variety of sizes including 38”, 42” and even 44” and is quite popular due to its 13-25 cubic capacity, ability to navigate different terrain, flexible design and its relative affordability going for around $300 or less.

Brinly tow-behind lawn sweeper- also a favorite due to its reputable width of 42” and six brushes that ensure the job is done once and done well. Moreover, the brushes can be adjusted to the users preferred height to pick up all the leaves, not to mention its 20 cubic capacity hamper.

Ohio Steel lawn sweepers-It may not be as popular as the Agri-fab or the Brinly but this 42”-50” sweeper cannot be ignored especially since it can carry up to 26cubic capacity of debris. Well known for its steel heavy-duty body and its 9” hopper chute unlike its competitors, this model is also versatile as its tow behind sweeper can be easily attached to almost any tractor.

The three are just some of the popular choices when it comes to lawn sweepers. Some points to note nonetheless is that one can either buy push or tow behind sweepers the latter being more prevalent due to the convenience of not having to push unlike the former. Tow behind sweepers however requires that you have a vehicle to attach them to.
All in all, it is very important to research well about a sweeper before purchasing one and doing so in comparison to your needs.

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